Find your loyal customers with Facebook Likes ads

Find your loyal customers with Facebook Likes ads

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More likes means more people engaged with your brand.  More people to see your posts, comment, and interact with your content. Bring more people to your page with our targeted, low-cost simple ads.  Facebook Ads made simple.

Sample ad - hospital name, profile image and city name will be yours. 

Call to Action button: Like Page
Destination: Facebook page, but most will click the Like button on ad in their feed
Placement: Facebook Desktop and Mobile Feeds
Bidding: To get the most Page likes at the best price.

Gender: Male and female Age: 20+
Location: A 5-10 mi. radius of the hospital (varies based on surrounding population)
Interests: Dogs + cats. A wider category of ‘Pets’ is Optional.
Buying behavior: buyers of dog food and products, cat food and products
(Buyers of pet food and products if ‘Pets’ option is chosen)
Excluded: People who are already fans of your page
Income: We can limit target audience by income if target pool is large enough.